Efficient value creation
– From vision to proof of concept

In a business incubator you can model new businesses faster, better and more efficiently than usual.
Through strategic facilitation you can transform your high-level visions into atangible, proof of concept.

In the incubator you should:

  • Uncover new business opportunities
  • Visualise new product concepts and roadmaps
  • Prototype new products
  • Model and catalyse new businesses
  • Model or reconfigure ecosystems
  • Test cross-industry partnerships
  • Test talent and potential employees
  • Engage with customers and channels

What are the benefits?

  • It doesn’t interfere with existing operations.
  • It doubles the chance for a new business to survive.
  • It reduces the time to market due to a strict focus and strong independence.
  • It’s co-creative – by removing the barriers of professions and departments we can explore challenges and opportunities at ecosystem level.
  • Strong customer focus – giving the customer what they need – not what they ask for.
  • It’s cost effective – using scarce resources in the most optimal way.
  • It overcome bureaucracy and politics: Long-sighted business development is not often given the required priority, momentum and space.

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