Grow intrapreneurship
– Renewal from within.

Employee-driven innovation foster both passion and new value creation. It utilise employee potential in such a way that strategy and reality work together, helping the organisation to:

  • Get a deeper and broader customer & business awareness
  • Get a more transparent, fast-moving and responsive organisation
  • Become better at retaining and attracting competent people
  • Solve tough challenges – combining top-down and bottom-up strategies
  • Get an internal pipeline of ideas & innovation
  • And it will improve both the top and bottom line

A few examples on how this works in other organisations:

  • Google delivers innovative solutions through a strict recruitment process and a bottom-up strategy – making it one of the top 5 workplaces in the U.S.
  • A municipality in Western Denmark made the news and saved 100 million dkk by involving their employees in cost reduction.
  • The Idea clinic gathers ideas from Danish and Norwegian hospitals, creates prototype solutions and collaborates with private companies for commercialisation purposes. (More examples in danish)

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