How to do it?
Cultivate, seed, grow and harvest

My approach to corporate entrepreneurship are based on 4 steps: Cultivate the organisation, Seed strategic challenges, Grow new solutions, and Harvest innovations. Below you will find a high level description of the different steps.

1) Cultivate: Preparing the ground
To enable grassroot innovation you need to a) clarify the potential, obstacles and expectations of your organisation, and b) destruct old solutions in order to free energy & resources and to create the space for new perspectives & talents.

2) Seed: Aspire and stimulate
Then you to formulate a innovation structure and strategy, convert it into inspiring challenges and to engage employees to work with them.

3) Grow: Build capabilities and collaboration
It’s about getting ideas to flow and grow – and building feedback loops that ensure high quality ideas. That could be by:

  • Establishing idea offices and “watering hole” sessions
  • Creating spaces for skunk and “pirateships”
  • Running innovation camps – face to face, virtual or viral
  • Using idea management tools and campaigns
  • Ensuring the right support to middle managers

4) Harvest: Capture and incorporate ideas in the most fruitful way
Is about evaluating, capturing and deploying novel opportunities – to transform the investment into value creation. It can be difficult to find the place and resources for a good idea. Who might be the customer? Sponsor? Should we include people from outside? Here you should:

  • Establish pitch boards/sessions with feedback
  • Take a VC approach on how to move ideas to approved concepts

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