Become a successful leader of innovation and change.

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Better Monday help you to find your own solutions to:
– Formalize and direct innovation in the most suitable way.
– Grow winning opportunities and transform them to viable services or products.
– Lead people through uncertainty.
– Facilitate innovation session.
– Get a more dynamic, agile unit.

We believe that the practices of traditional management becomes inadequate when you have to lead people through uncertainty and change. Instead you have to recognize that you are a part of the change yourself: That in order to lead people through a transformation you will first need to transform yourself. You need to find your passion – and you need to deal with your inadequacies.

In the sparring sessions you will:
– Suspend your autopilot and free energy.
– Think loud and explore alternative solutions.
– Learn concrete models etc. as specified in your own learning plan.

Ole Vilster will be your sparring partner – and he will support and challenge you with questions, exercises, feedback and new perspectives. Ole have worked with leadership, change projects and innovation for more than 10 years and is trained in supervision and coaching.

How does it work?
– Call Ole at +45 50 311 711
– At the first session we will create your first learning plan.
– After 2 sessions it is possible to meet via skype.
– Each session last normally 1½ hour. You pay by session.
– We offer 24 h service during weekdays.