Approach to learning

“Better Monday” through practical learning.

Better Monday’s approach to learning is: “Living Learning – learning living” – meaning we bring life into the learning space and the learning space into the daily life. That is how we teach you good theory, and that is how we can create a “Better Monday” for our customers.

The two underlying principles:

1) Experience-based learning.

We believe that learning has the greatest value and impact if it’s carried out in action and by being practice-oriented. Therefore, our teaching is based on 3 stages:

  • Stimulating theory which can provoke new thinking patterns.
  • Practical exercises which are either taken directly from everyday life – or simulating practice.
  • Reflection and sharing perspectives

2) Caring for the learner.

To care about the learner is both to ensure the comfortable base, but also to ensure that he has the opportunity to develop. We aspire to this in several ways:

  • Need clarification: To ensure that we reach the needs of participants, all of our solutions are based on interviews with customers and users.
  • Spaces of trust: There must be room to err and explore in order to learn and innovate. We strive to create a trusting and attentive atmosphere so the participants dare to stand up and be themselves.
  • Personal development plans: At the end of each course we will help the participants to create a development plan on how to improve their knowledge and skills. Better Monday can also support in following up on this.
  • Continuous improvement: Our products are constantly being modified based on the feedback we get from participants.